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Created to enhance the sound
of the professional and
amateur musician from their
first note to the first chair.
Performance Line
Trumpet Mutes

Straight Mutes

The variety of straight mutes offered, provides sound for every situation.

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Wah-Wah Mutes

The large wah-wah mute selection provides a variety of sounds perfect for a jazz solo to blending in a full orchestra and everywhere in between.

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Cup Mutes

All of the cup mutes offered are adjustable, allowing the musician to express themself no matter the situation.

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Practice Mutes

Our practice mutes are designed to provide a reduction
in sound without
sacrificing the true feeling of playing the trumpet.

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Performance MutesPerformance Line
Hand-crafted from a variety of metal materials chosen to obtain a distinct
sound quality.

TrueTone MutesTrueTone Line
An affordable and durable choice
for the amateur and professional musician.
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